Monday, January 11, 2010

Awardz Ponzi Scheme

The awesome blog When Is Evil Cool? passed on to the United Province of Ivanlandia
The Lovely Blog Award
—and we are very grateful!

So everybody check out When Is Evil Cool? toot sweet!
It’s a blog with an attitude we approve of, and a taste in flicks that dovetails with The National Film Board of Ivanlandia.

Oh boy—I know I promised a garlic-clam-basil pizza recipe, but I’m not feeling up to it now. Sorry. S00n, though, soon!

There are no rules or requirements for accepting The Lovely Blog Award, except that now we must pass it on to 15 different blogs we approve of.

Of course all sites and blogs listed in the column at the right of this webpage should be bookmarked and visited often.

But The United Provinces of Ivanlandia passes on
The Lovely Blog Award
To the following blogs:
(in no particular order; but certainly chosen out of nepotism in many cases—and why not?)

The Otto Mannix Report


Bad Advice

Rockin’ Monkey

The Magic Whistle

Doll’s realm

Monster Movie Music

Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire

In Iraq Now (at 56)

The Hundred Dresses Project

Danny Hellman’s SCREW magazine cover art gallery

Dinner With Max Jenke

Vintage Irish Book Covers

“WFMU Rock ’n’ Soul Ichiban!”

Pluck You, Too!

And a
Special shout out to:

Latex & Porn—just, y’know, because.

All these sites are swellsville and should be showered with money and other fine things!

And a big thanks to whomever posted Ivanlandia
at Nudist Resources—although, really, we don’t deserve it.


  1. Thank you. Rockin' Monkey is honored to receive this precious award.

  2. you and all of Ivanlandia earned it my friend!!

    may your borders never be invaded by infidels. unless you're into that sort of thing.

    did you make to the Sunshine this weekend?

  3. Wow! Thanks, Ivan. Ichiban is honored!

  4. Thanks for the major award! I greatly enjoy your blog as well.

  5. All you beautiful bloggers deserve this! Big smooches all around.

    And WIEC, the midnight show of The Thing was fab--I really got that Downtown Brooklyn/Flatbush Ave. feeling (essentially the same as that 42nd Street feel except that it was theaters in Bklyn that I wasted so much time rather than 42nd St.) from it.
    And then we closed the Tile Bar afterwards--just ask Rockin' Monkey, he was there.

  6. Thanks for my award, even though I'm a bit miffed that it doesn't come with a sparkly flashing animated pink GIF depicting diamonds, roses or a champagne glass.

    When I get over the flu, my blog will be paying it forward.

  7. Ivan, Too much Thanx! Yes, we am somebody! I got a mind to nominate you back so you have to go thru the whole process again yourself! Just getting mentioned in the same breath as Debbie's Ichiban WFMU site is a good enuf award for us!!

  8. The mighty Sam Henderson of The Magic Whistle sent me this message via Fache-boook:

    "Thanks. I would quote the Sally Field Oscar speech, but everybody does that. It's like how when people moo while waiting in long lines or sing the Lollipop Guild song when they inhale a helium balloon, thinking they're the first ones to do so. Posting stuff I already have doesn't take much time and there's no added expense, but as I will say tonight when I post my cartoon on Fuckface, it's hard to tell what the audience is often."

  9. Hey Ivan
    Thanks for the Award tho' i reckon it's definitely in the nepotism category. Speaking of which you should check out Orla's photoblog – Hope all is well in NYC. Been visiting Ivanlandia a good bit but stopped checking in at work as I was getting funny looks from my co-workers!

  10. Niall:
    Sorry the co-workers couldn't handle the DEEP SUBCONSCIOUS TRUTH that The United Provinces of Ivanlandia dishes out!

    You may have gotten your foot in the door via nepotism, but you have a really clean and well-designed site, and I like that.

    And Jacolette has been blog-rolled!

    One of these days I'll get back to Dublintown--and I'll be testing those new blasphemy laws!

    Stay well,
    Love to Orla,

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