Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Must-See of 2011: "I Saw The Devil" (a mini-review)

I just saw I Saw The Devil this past weekend (a pal had a bootleg), and WOW.
This flick is intense and a gorehound's delight.

Tough, uncompromising movie that's right up there with other Korean Cinemadness like Oldboy, Memories of Murder and Tell Me Something.
See it, and be shaken.


  1. Have to keep my eyes out for that one, sounds interesting.

  2. I probably should have written something longer, and may do so in the future, but yes, catch this. (I saw it not knowing much about it, so I was routinely surprised.)

  3. Ah, "saw" as in "observed." Drat. I was hoping it was going to be a movie about a lumberjack vs. Satan.

  4. JB: Not that I've seen it, but maybe you're waiting for Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil?