Monday, May 30, 2011

William Castle Presents: Production and Decay of Strange Particles (a cut-up, of sorts)


  1. That was pretty freaking awesome. Where can I order my copy?

  2. This is a fantastic post.

    I've had a very strange relationship with The Outer Limits of late. I tend to crash on the couch with Channel 11.3 running on the toob. The Limits comes on at 4 AM and sometimes at 5 AM as well. I will roll around in a drunken stupor and glance over and see a part of an episode, then close my weary eyes, sleep a bit and open up and see a few scenes from another episode. It's a beautiful time. And i noticed Ralph Rodine at the end of an episode. I'm not sure how to fit that into my grand scheme, but there is a certain coincidincky going on with that one.

  3. When i was a little chap, my brother and i lived for the rerunning of any William Castle movie. We didn't know about him; we didn't pay attention to the director credit, we just knew those movies were the ones. HOMICIDAL, MR. SARDONICUS, and of course STRAIT JACKET.

  4. Ortho: Not to mention The Tingler!

    Ivanho: A charming post. I also would love to see this movie, preferably in a theater which never existed.

  5. To everyone: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    ORGO MANDUCK: While I love The Outer Limits, watching it through the filter of alcohol-fueled dream goggles sounds like the way to go. Now if only Channel 11.3 would start showing some Bill Castle flicks at the same time….

    TOESTUBZ: I live to charm you.

    JOHN BEM: Thanks again—BTW, I’ve been trying to leave comments at your site, but Blogger is fucking with me again, demanding I re-register multiple times, then calling me “Anonymous.” Grrrr! That said, “Mars Needs Women” needed a scene where the kidnapped earth girls put on those kinky Martian wetsuits: Hubba-hubba!

  6. Ivan, I always appreciate your visits to I Will Devour Your Content. Sorry you've been enfuckulated by Blogger. Rubberized abducted earth girls sounds just the ticket!