Sunday, November 27, 2011

....presenting: Donald Siegel's "Monster Zero"!!!


  1. Rules. Wait, what's that movie where they name-drop Argento? And Seigel , Monster Zero? That ain't no kaiju eiga neither.

  2. ...and speaking of Mark Robson, i recently watched EARTHQUAKE in its incredible entirety. The eight-minute earthquake sequence is a high-art self-standing masterpiece. But most of the movie feels like what it is, a petrified melodrama which makes his earlier Peyton Place and Valley of the Dolls feel like literature!

    These movie 'cut/ups' are good.

  3. I see what you did in the fifth frame there and I'm delighted. Was wondering how you found all these!

    A lovely, evocative post. And I'm as curious as Sq. Dave about where that penultimate frame comes from - any movie in which a leather pants wearing, heat-packing young woman name drops Argento is surely worth a look.

  4. Gents! Thanks for the kind words, and I give a general apology regarding the lack of posts around here lately: the holidays, work, ennui, mental illness, my own demanding standards, the search for 'le mot juste,' and much more have conspired against me--many projects are underway; yet none are near completion...Sigh...
    As for the lovely leather-panted Argento fan? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit. Here's where my thievin' ways undermine my credibility. Either I "borrowed" that image from DVDBeaver or (both good sites, IMO), but I cannot remember what post...Sorry...I'll keep an eye open...Jeez, I feel like an idiot...although maybe I didn't retain any information b/c I didn't like what I'd read about that flick, even though I liked the jpeg--like, that might have been the best thing about the whole movie....
    I dunno/thanks for reading and leaving comments: I genuinely appreciate feedback!