Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming Soon: “VROOOOOOOOM!”

“Shit, all you gotta go is have long hair, ride a scooter and wear colors, and everything you do is illegal.”

The United Provinces of Ivanlandia is not sure how the rest of you do it, but with the indomitable Otto Mannix Report—and maybe Toestubber, if we can convince him to leave that South Korean bullfighting gig for at least one damn minute!—we’re planning a
for the weekend of May 15th!
(That weekend is also Otto Mannix’s second anniversary on the blogosphere: awwwwww….)

In our usual (lackadaisical and nonsensical) styles, Mannix and Ivanlandia will be examining various aspects of the 1966-1974 (and sometimes BEYOND) Biker Movie genre (you know the one: a gang of long-haired, dope-smokin’ reprobate 1%-ers ride into town, and trouble-trouble-trouble).

“A motorcycle gang? I know all about you guys—I go to the movies!”

But we invite any and all entries regarding motorcycle movies. If you have a website and want to write something up, hit it, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

If you don’t have a website, don’t worry—leaving comments is like acid: grooooovy.

Write about any biker movie you want to, and as people send me their URLs and links, I'll update and post them here along with my biker-related randomness.

Ivanlandia doesn’t consider Scorpio Rising, Easy Rider or Electra-Glide in Blue to be “Biker” flicks—they’re movies that have motorcycles in them. But if you feel different, write something up.
Don’t listen to The Man: remember, you are free.

The weekend of May 15, 2009!
Be there!

“These people were born misfits. They can’t even get along with their own kind.”


  1. I've never seen a typical biker movie. I was wondering though if you could cover Psychomania? It was a childhood favorite. -- Ed S

  2. ES:
    Just watched Psychomania recently! It will be included!

  3. We have received your challenge. Please refer to our post here: