Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rachel Getting Awful, or: Forty-seven words about the film “Rachel Getting Married” and some images to give a subtextual impression of the movie

Excruciatingly bad, Rachel Getting Married is more boring than being forced to watch a stranger’s wedding video: absolutely nothing happens for long stretches of time except for director Jonathan Demme’s dull attempts at multiculturalism and hipster superiority. Meanwhile, half-baked characters screech and whine. A horrible, horrible movie.


  1. Great review, who needs text when pictures do just fine?

    Possible titles for better versions of that movie:
    -Rachel Getting Buried
    -Rachel Getting Buttfucked
    -Rachel Getting Lypo-suction
    -Rachel Getting Herpes
    -Rachel Getting Banged by the Chicago Bulls
    -Rachel Getting Her Head Blown Off

  2. Rachel Getting a Time Machine and Stopping Jonathan Demme Before He Became So Precious and Twee