Monday, October 19, 2009

God Says Fuck You

The title of today’s post is not referring to the righteous album by the Electric Eels, it’s how we feel about the weather.

Don’t know how it is where you are, but
here in the Big Apple, Fun City, The Place So Nice They Named It Twice,
the weather has been nothing but fuckin' garbage:

The past week and all weekend it’s been rain, rain, rain, rain, cold, wind, rain, rain, wind, cold, rain, rain, cold, cold, rain, cold, cold, cold, cold, rain, wind.

Then Monday, when we have to drag our sorry asses back to
It's calm blue sky.


But don’t forget:
Next week (October 26, to be precise) is Ivanlandia’s big
megapost, done in concert with This Distracted Globe’s “Class of 1984” blogothon!

And now,
For your job-avoiding pleasure:
Here’s some piping hot

Inside the Soviet Doomsday Machine

“Our nation is doomed unless these kids realize they can't kill people for shit once the electricity cuts out and they can no longer play Xbox 7.”

“Much like Evil Dead II (1987), Phantasm II (1988) works as a sequel and an upgrade in terms of budget and scope.”

Where the Wild Things Are “takes forever to get to the good stuff, and then the good stuff turns out to be...not so good.”

“Perhaps one of the sickest films of the mid 1930’s.”

A Brian De Palma flick you may not be familiar with

The oil ministers of Saudi Arabia have a whacky sense of humor

Meet the CEO of the Silver Shamrock Novelties Company! Remember, only 12 more days till Halloween! Get your masks now!

Oh, skycake…why are you so delicious?


  1. i just wanted to let you know i really dig yer blog! thanks for the links.

  2. Wiec?: You're welcome! I like your site as well; have fun in Brazil!