Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It’s a Shatneriffic Link-O-Rama!

Like Jesus on burnt toast,
The Shat can appear anywhere….
(The REAL revenge of the Big Head!)

I hope this sticker is part of a Situationalist movement, and not an advert for a band….

Links. Gotta love ’em.
The Ivanlandia High Command is in deep lockdown in Bunker #9 of Section Zero
(so you know this is serious),
prepping for
October 26’s massive 1984 double-plus-good blogorama/mass psychosis
at the awesomeriffic This Distracted Globe site
where Ivanlandia will be examining and dissecting the great/awful Reagan era-Brat Pack/Invasion USA mash-up,

So this week’s absurdist tome about some obscure subsection of cinemaramania will be temporarily replaced….

Let the Linkerocity begin!

Charles Bronson catches fish with his hands and you can’t.

Whatever happened to Alex DeLarge?
He became author James Ellroy.

BTW, Ellroy’s latest novel, Blood’s a Rover, is FANTASTIC!

A must-read for all Ellroy fans
(and a should-read for everybody else),
this conclusion of his Underworld USA trilogy is much better plotted, constructed and written than The Cold Six-Thousand
(although not as unique and surprising as the first in the series, American Tabloid; although, how could you top that psychotic tome?)—

In my opinion, you could read American Tabloid and skip over The Cold Six-Thousand; in fact, Blood’s a Rover works fine as a stand-alone novel, I feel. It’s that good.

I fully intend to reread Blood’s a Rover as soon as The Missus is done with it.

Read the barkings of the Demon Dog!

Zeitgeist Alert: Ivanlandia compares and contrasts Clint and Kubrick, Arbogast on Film compares and contrasts Clint and Chuck.

Meet the Dr. Jekyll to Ivanlandia’s Mr. Hyde.

Sonny Chiba Vs. the Mermen!

The Ivanlandia philosophy regarding photo placement (sixth patagraph)

So what exactly does “as incendiary as a gummi bear dropped into molten potassium chlorate” mean?

Although, I am a fan of much of their output (like The Incredibles and Up), I was not such a fan of Pixar's Wall-E. Neither is this guy.

Whaddya mean, “worst toy”?!? In The United Provinces of Ivanlandia, that fuckin’ thing is mandatory!

And in a similar vein, Ivanlandia Hearts Michael Haneke.

Speaking of movies guaranteed to bum you out….
Before Dawn, but after Night
There was The Crazies!

If I saw this while driving,
I would die in a fiery car crash,
Omigod! It’s a flying saucer; it’s a flying saucer!
Holy fucking shit, it’s a motherfuckin’ flying saucer!

Tom Savini is God!

Stan Freberg! ’Nuff said!

The Secret History of Alvin and the Chipmunks—a genuine American success story!

Stupid Human Tricks

Stupid Human Movies

Because they’re soft and white….

I like the way that man Nugent thinks!

If enough people visit Toestubber and leave comments, maybe, just maybe, the lazy bum will put up a new post! Don’t let him let a whole year go by between posts! Pleeeeease!

...no muppets but a solid nine minutes of good weirdness

My new fave daily sword & sorcery & smut comic strip (NSFW)

New fave neo-porn daily random photo (absolutely NSFW)

"I am Gor. I need your body as a dwelling place while I am here on your Earth."

The Shat forgives you for all your sins, all he asks if your devotion.

Do that, and your feet will soon be running through the fields of The Shat.


  1. Your blog is great, and keeps getting better and better. I haven't even read the whole post yet - all those colors are so distracting. But I feel I need to share with you and your readers an event you cannot miss:


    And to convince you more, here's a link to a link of my review of that deranged bit of celluloid (mine is the first listed by Janus films, because at 1,300 words it's the most verbose):


  2. Squeakalicious!
    Thanks for the kind words; like Avis, Ivanlandia tries harder. Pretty colors are nice...

    And THANKS for the head's-up about "Hausu"--fuck yeah, we GOTTA see that!

    "Plate of Shrimp" moment: I've got one of Hausu director Nobuhiko Obayashi's Charles Bronson ads linked above ("Charles Bronson catches fish with his hands and you can’t").

    I'm at the office now, and cannot figure out what the fuck to do with myself--it's not like I don't have things to do, I just don't want to do them. They all seem so stupid and petty and small and I really couldn't give a shit about them.

    Oh well, I'll figure out something....