Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Rampling!

Today is Charlotte Rampling’s birthday….

Those eyes….

With Diana Rigg and Glenda Jackson, Charlotte Rampling formed a trio of women who really impressed me when I was but a lad.

She’s about 16 on that Mickey Spillane book cover.
Nobody crosses their arms like her!

Back then it was because she seemed so haughty and yet so sultry… and so dirty

Now I can also appreciate her rather eclectic career moves and choices of film roles, from The Night Porter to Orca (the first movie I think I saw her in) to the original Vanishing Point (she was edited out of the US release, but she’s in the DVD re-release) to Zardoz to Angel Heart to Swimming Pooland so many more: Wow!

I certainly look forward to more from her.
Thanks for the great work, Ms. Rampling!
Happy Birthday!

(And a super-special thanks to the godsend-to-every-fan-of-this-actress, from where I swiped many of these jpegs.
Keep up the good work,!)

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  1. did you see SWIMMING POOL, from 2003? if not, check it out cos it's good.