Monday, February 22, 2010

Shuddup Island

This is a quickie:
Work is going crazy, and I'm not sure if I'm suffering from a nervous breakdown or a heart attack (my arm's not numb, so maybe I'm okay)....

Anyway, I have loathed the films that Scorsese and DeCraprio have made together, so I won't be seeing Shutter Island.

But let me see if I've figured it out anyway: L'il Leo is actually the mental patient they're looking for, right?

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UPDATE (as of March 1, 2010)


I was RIGHT!!!
(Hooray for me. The word "right" above is a hyperlink and will take you to a very spoiler-laden review. Enjoy.)


  1. Go see HOUSE instead while it's still at the IFC Center. Leo is chomping the scenery hard in the commercials for Shutter Island.

  2. Okay, Squeekerino, we get it: you love Hausu.
    I told you I was waiting for the Criterion DVD, so drop it!

  3. GOD, you're probably right about the ending to this shitty new movie. it doesn't look good.

    i think Scorsese has been over-rated for decades. he's become this big icon of cinema and it's getting boring. and what is with this love affair he's been having with DeCrappio? is he thinking he's found his new DeNiro? doesn't matter cos all three of those bozos have been sucking shriveled dick for way too long!

  4. While I like Goodfellas, that's when he started to lose me: too much use of a lame Eric Crapton song, and casting De Niro as an Irishman. WTF? Just make the character Italian, or even Irish-Italian. Or cast an actual Irish actor. But Scorsese...Jeez, why doesn't he just give L'il Lennie (the boy who couldn't grow up) a good cornholing, then move on.