Monday, December 13, 2010

Fantasia! (and Uncle Joe...)

So I watched Walt Dizzy’s original 1940 Fantasia the other night—
It was the first time I’d seen the flick since its late-1960s/early-1970s cash-in-on-psychedelia re-release.
And the movie is PRETTY DAMN GOOD STUFF.

I am sure I liked the film more now than when I was a kid: Fantasia wouldn’t have been violent or mayhemic enough for monstrous l’il me, and as an adult I have a greater understanding and appreciation of classical music.

But I couldn’t help but wonder: Did Joseph Stalin ever see Fantasia? He was a known film buff, and if he did see Fantasia, what did he think of it?
I bet Stalin would have liked most of it, especially “The Dance of the Hours.”

But “Night on Bald Mountain”? Not so much, I’d venture. Uncle Joe doesn’t go to the movies to be reminded of his work….

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