Thursday, October 25, 2012

Horror Movie Posters (and A Pictorial Bribe for Chef Steve)

Dear Steve Albini,
As a big fan of your cooking blog, Mario Batali Voice—your advice about cooking pork was really helpful; adding apples to the pot was the secret ingredient as far as I’m concerned!—I’m horribly let down that your recipe output has diminished so much as of late, and your blog has only been updated twice since February, when a semi-regular posting schedule was maintained.  

Of course, I get it: You’ve got bills to pay, a full-time business to run, family and friends, musical projects to supervise—
and sometimes managing a blog seems so damn unrelentingly pointless and unrewarding…

But I’m a greedy, selfish blog-reader-foodie, and I want more of your witty insights, baseball analogies and frank, no-nonsense cooking advice delivered in a stylish but conversational manner!

Y’know, if you don’t have any time to sit and type up a missive, maybe just scribble some notes on a cocktail napkin, scan it in, and publish the jpeg in Mario Batali Voice

For some reason, I think you’re a fan of horror movies, so in addition to it being the Spooky Halloween Season, that is another reason for me to post an eclectic group of one-sheets (in almost alphabetically order it seems;'d that happen?) promoting [cue movie announcer voice:] the frightening, horrifying and disturbing!
(However, if you’d rather have a posting of cute kittens, I’ll do it—just let me know…It’s the only kind of bribe I can afford, but it’s still a bribe!)

Thanks for “listening,” enjoy the movie posters, get back to the kitchen, and please make sure to visit my other site LERNER INTERNATIONAL for further observations and explorations of the Cinema of Weirdness*.
Have a Happy Halloween,

* = (Promote! Promote! OK!)

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