Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Bourgeois Fear Autodidacts

Hooray, that first post went well!

Now, let’s try some more…

I should warn you, the photos accompanying the posts may not match up. The Tzar of Ivanlandia needs not explain himself to you! Right now, that’s what’s happening!

I also want to try and post at least once a day, even if I just throw up (heh-heh) a random photo or quote.

Speaking of quotes:
“No movie worth hating or loving has a comfort level,”
—Steve Erickson, from his very-recommended Zeroville. If you love movies, this novel is a must-read. It also has one of my favorite directors (John Milius) as a character.

And often I intend to post reviews. Mainly reviews. Sometimes there won’t be anything but reviews.

Links and lists of my friends and faves is forthcoming.

Oh, and when the images I post have been swiped from someone, I'll try and be honest and credit that person--unless there's an obvious watermark, or obvious source.

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