Saturday, January 31, 2009


As Jim Van Bebber's character Ricky says in the Van Bebber-directed short, "My Sweet Satan," "Satan approves."

Now, I really wanted to italicize the word "approves," but my computer is, ummm, not as young as it used to be, and I am still learning this whole comp-tech-savvy biz.

And at some future date, I'll learn. I'm hoping to learn by doing.

BTW, it's not Satan I give a hoot so much about as Cthulhu. Believing in Satan (in that Judeo-Christian way) means to me believing in Him, that old white man with a long beard whose facial features are obscured by that radioactive glow. (I am interested, however, in checking out R. Crumb's Book of Genesis [sorry, no hyperlink yet; I'm a dumb monkey trying to run before I can walk]

Okay, let's test this puppy!

In the name of the United Provinces of Ivanlandia, BEGIN!

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