Thursday, February 19, 2009

Schenken Sie Aufmerksamkeit, wir sprechen darüber "Der Ton der Musik"

Oh that Zizek!

The funny thing is, although I haven't seen The Sound of Music in over 20 years probably, I remember liking it. I've only seen the movie on TV in a pan-&-scan version, and would like to see it in a letterboxed format.

And now I have something new to look forward to if and when I do rent it...


  1. That guy is so deep ... so insightful ... so completely crazy! I love him! Oh, did you know that Christopher Plummer, Captain Von Trapp, hated that movie. He called it "The Sound of Mucous" -- gotta love it!

  2. Glad you liked it! It's a bit long, but Zizek's film "The Pervert's Guide to Cinema" can be a real hoot; check it out if you can!