Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Introducing the 47th Minute Project! Huzzah!

In the spirit of fun and games, the National Film Board of Ivanlandia begins the 47th Minute Project.

In other words, a “guess the movie” contest.

We’ll present the 47th minute of a film, and you try and guess the movie. Simple as duck soup!

Please leave your answer in the comments section.

Before we get started, some background:

Why the “47th Minute?”

The High Command of the United Provinces of Ivanlandia are all graduates of Pomona College of Claremont, California, United States of America, that’s why.

The “47” Phenomenon and Pomona are like some Burroughsian language virus: People leave Pomona with an unholy fascination with the number 47, and wind up spending the rest of their lives seeing it everywhere. (And sometimes they continue to spread the virus….)

Forty-seven. You can’t escape it,” another Pomona grad once told me.

And neither will you. Heh, heh, heh…

Interestingly enough, today’s entry into the 47th Minute Project (photo below) was very popular at Pomona College, being shown quite regularly, I seem to remember. Getting baked and watching today’s entry in the 47th Minute Project was always a great way to start an evening of carousing. Have fun! (Answers will be revealed in the next 47th Minute Project.)

(BTW: This week’s featured film was actually borrowed from the personal DVD library of Otto Mannix…not that that clue is going to help you—but who’d a’thunk a right-winger like him would dig a flick like this!—Although personally, I feel this week’s entry into the 47th Minute Project is pretty easy…But it’s always nice to start these things off simple…)

[Mufti is not a mysterious democratic organization that welcomes all but a secretive fraternal subset inbreeding snobbery. New? Alpha? Fie! Boycott! Boycott! OK!]


  1. HEY, i object to the notion that a right-winger cannot appreciate the pussified arts of the liberal! After all, 'tis better to know thine enemy.

    My mother took my brother and me to see a midnight showing of this at the local university theater when i was about ten years old. the weed smoke permeated the place, and that's when i realized that the only proper penalty for drug use is DEATH!!!!

    ROCK ON, YOU HIPPIES OF IVANLANDIA!!! We at OTTO MANNIX love you, and need your cash donations!!!

  2. I think I saw this in Yellow Submarine last Summer. My buddy shows movies in the park during the Summer. It's great except when the trains go by it is hard to hear.

  3. Ditto on the yellow submarine, because of the shading on the fins, and the fact that the creatures all seem to be heading somewhere. There's a whole lot of lateral movement in that film. My 4 year old loves this movie.

  4. Yellow Submarine it is!
    Thank you for participating, and tune in next week for more of the 47th Minute Project.

    Darius: good guess; Fantastic Planet and Yellow Submarine would make quite the double feature.

    Fred: In what park of what city is your friend's film fest?

    Tonya: "lateral movement"--I like that!

    Otto: the hippies (!?!) of Ivanlandia will rock on!