Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cook back in anger?

The Top Chef Recap last night was fun, a good clip show with lots of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage and turbulent memories--and the requisite amounts of goofball, but entertaining, BS.

Who was picked as fan favorite? Chef Fabio, who once threatened to hack off his broken finger if it interfered with his cooking.

(Additionally, Fabio has scored a gig as a pitchman for frozen pizza. Which is more important than the fact that he’s being given his own TV show. )

And what about Ivanlandia’s fave chef from this season, Carla?

“In my own little world, I will continue to cater. I really want to start a sweet and savory petite cooking line and have a chef's table where people can taste my food. I'm teaching a couple of classes in DC. I would love to do more TV. I look at myself and am amazed that I'm able to be myself in front of the camera. My personality seems to have radiated with people. The biggest joy I can get is to inspire people by being myself, so yes I would love to do more television.”

Ahhhh....Television...Everybody wants to be on it...

For more on Carla’s delicious cooking, go HERE.

Serious Eats doesn't give a recap of Top Chef this week. Probably because there was no real cooking going on.
But elsewhere on their site they link to how to make homemade corn dogs.


However, you can get your Top Chef Recap recap HERE via Buddy TV.

Hey! Those aren't corn dogs! What? They're delicious? Welllll, I'll just try one...

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