Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yerrrrrrrrrr OUT!; or: When there’s no more beer in Hell, the dead will walk the earth

North America's getting soft…and the rest of the world is getting tough. Very, very tough. We're entering savage new times, and we're going to have to be pure and direct and strong, if we're going to survive them. Now, you and this cesspool you call a television station and your people who wallow around in it, your viewers who watch you do it, they're rotting us away from the inside. We intend to stop that rot.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Now, let all us professional drinkers stand back and let the amateurs have one of their government-sanctioned days of running wild. [FESTIVAL!!!]
(I am not of the body; I must be absorbed.)

Paraphrasing James Joyce from Dubliners, “Their emotional barometers were set for a spell of riot.”

Just don't you dare puke on my shoes, you hear?

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