Monday, July 16, 2012

It Means Something, When Looked at Correctly...

Howdy Pardners!
Some madness-imagery to keep you happy; for more... intellectual stimulation, why not drop by at
LERNER INTERNATIONAL, always cultivating interests in The Cinema of Weirdness.
Been writing up a storm over there
Got looks at potential Outer Limits episodes;
Tyrone Power as a sea captain worthy of Ahab and Quint; 
and more! 
Enjoy the pix!


  1. Amazing collection, thought provoking & hilarious!

    Hope you stay amazing.

  2. AFare! Thank you, Ivanlandia will do its best to maintain "amazing" status! And there's plenty more photo-montage/exquisite corpses/desk clearing on the way!
    Stay cool in the summer heat!