Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas! Yeah, Sure. It’s a Blast.

Dunno ’bout you, but The High Command here at The United Provinces of Ivanlandia doesn’t like Xmas, or any of the rest of the Holiday Season.
Too many crappy things happen.
It’s a time that feels more haunted and forlorn than Halloween.

This year, we got the Secret Police to cancel the High Command’s visit to the Royal Palace, but the Brain in a Jar had a meltdown and dinner feels like lead in your guts and everything sucks and it seems like all your efforts are for naught.

I cannot wait till it’s over, that’s all.

But I do enjoy Xmas-related Pop Culture paraphernalia, like songs and goofy dogs or hot chicks wearing Santa caps.
I think I like Xmas songs, like “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year,” because to me those songs sound like taunts of torture, something you’d play over and over again to get a captured POW to talk…

And if you’ve made it this far, how about visiting Ivanlandia’s younger, more scholarly brother, LERNER INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES, and following?
You won’t regret it; think of it as a Christmas Present to yourself.

Happy Holidays To All The Loyal Readers of The United Provinces of Ivanlandia!

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