Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tim McInture is God! (And Tim Carey ain't bad either)

One of the best scenes ever!
From James B. Harris' Fast-Walking.
Soon I'll write more about it, but I had to post this scene toot sweet!


  1. You'll wish you hadn't said that on the way down.

  2. Glad you liked it, Toestubs!
    Did I ever bore you with my reciting of Mr. McIntire's dialog? I must have.
    McIntire (and Fast-Walking) will be the focus of a future Ivanlandia soon as we've completed resettling the Imperial Palace...
    It was so hot here last night, that despite my exhaustion, I could not sleep.

  3. I hear if you rest your feet on a small black child, that will draw out the rheumatism.

    The thing I admire about this performance is that McIntire's a little fey in his delivery, not the typical badass by any stretch. It adds to the menace and is in keeping with his narcissistic character, a guy with all these grand ambitions who'll actually do the movie-villain thing of explaining his plans to his adversary in one big monologue.