Friday, July 20, 2012

Cybernetic Prez Lincolnbot Sez Zexy Replikahnts Need Yr Luv!!!

The United Provinces of Ivanlandia is celebrating Neil Armstrong Day by telling you to go check out LERNER INTERNATIONAL as soon as possible, 
and then in hoping you enjoy some naughty, naughty androids—some manufactured better than others, and sometimes a Stepford-Bot gets in the mix…
—and then you need to get back over to LERNER INTERNATIONAL—and fast!
Be the first kid on your block!

Monday, July 16, 2012

It Means Something, When Looked at Correctly...

Howdy Pardners!
Some madness-imagery to keep you happy; for more... intellectual stimulation, why not drop by at
LERNER INTERNATIONAL, always cultivating interests in The Cinema of Weirdness.
Been writing up a storm over there
Got looks at potential Outer Limits episodes;
Tyrone Power as a sea captain worthy of Ahab and Quint; 
and more! 
Enjoy the pix!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beachy Keen! The Missing Illustrations for “Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘JAWS’”

This post is part of “The Best Hitchcock Films Hitchcock Never Made,” co-sponsored by Tales of the Easily Distracted and ClassicBecky’s Brain Food, both excellent sites and highly recommended:
To find out more about Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘JAWS’, go to LERNER INTERNATIONAL immediately!

“Alfred Hitchcock’s Jaws” is an essay about what would happen if, in the early-1970s, Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, had been asked to direct the film adaptation of Peter Benchley’s best-seller, Jaws, instead of some… damn punk kid.

Then come back and enjoy the pix: they all relate to Jaws, and sharks, and cool blondes, and other Alfred Hitchcock films, . Y’know, the Ivanlandia usual.
Or better yet, open two windows on your computer—have The United Provinces of Ivanlandia on one—

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Sexy Replicants Return, and say, "Follow LERNER INTERNATIONAL!"

Yep, I'm attempting to increase the traffic over to my other, more review-oriented site, LERNER INTERNATIONAL.
Increase the traffic via SEX.
(If it works for Madison Avenue, why not me?)

Once again, please visit, comment at, even "follow" LERNER INTERNATIONAL, where it's all about the writing!
Which means that The United Provinces of Ivanlandia is all about the visuals.
Speaking of which, ENJOY!