Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Old-School 1970s Horror Comic Book Covers. Y'know: Eyeball Kicks

Comic Books!
The scourge of squares everywhere, joined together in one overwhelming package!
Do you dare look inside?
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  1. I have six of the DC issues seen here. Also a bunch of those magazine-sized WEIRD and TERROR TALES titles. DC had the best of the seventies horror comics. WEIRD WAR was always the title to buy! The first issues were comprised of reprinted stories from earlier titles, but the response was good enough that they began writing new stories and then it became a DC staple!

  2. Otto! Thanks for the update--actually, I think several of the images posted here were from your collection originally! Thanks!

  3. Was there a market for this sort of stuff, back in the 1970's?! With world's pop. reaching over 7b, & with comic book movie adaptations soooo popular these days; they should produce more of this weird, horror, spooky stuff, as opposed to constant super-hero, & vampire themes, that seem to be in vogue, right now.

  4. Can old comics like this be found in digital form online?

  5. Not sure where they might be available--but I sure hope they are!
    Thanks for reading!